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    Oncogene. 2005 Aug; 24(33), pp 5246-5251 -> Abstract PubMed
    IF: 6.872

  • Schlomm T, Gunaawan B, Schulten HJ, Sander B, Thangavelu K, Graf N, Leuschner I, Ringert RH, Füzesi L
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    IF: 5.715

  • Zirn B, Wittmann S, Graf N, Gessler M
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    Cancer Lett. 2005 Mar; 220(1), pp 115-120 -> Abstract PubMed
    IF: 3.049

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    IF: 1.908

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    IF: 0.505

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    Urologe A. 2005 Feb; 44(2), pp 155-161 -> Abstract PubMed
    IF: 0.471

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