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Vujanić GM, Graf N, D'Hooghe E, Chowdhury T, Vokuhl C, Al-Saadi R, Pritchard-Jones K, Melchior P, Furtwängler R
Outcomes of patients with Wilms' tumour stage III due to positive resection margins only: An analysis of patients treated on the SIOP-WT-2001 protocol in the UK-CCLG and GPOH studies.
Int J Cancer. 2023 Apr 15;152(8):1640-1647. doi: 10.1002/ijc.34371. Epub 2022 Nov 30. PMID: 36444500; ->Abstract

Pediatric Renal Tumors - A HARMONICA Initiative
PBC 70 (S2) 2023 ->A Supplemental Issue with an Editorial and 10 Renal Tumor Papers

Ellen D’Hooghe, Rhoikos Furtwängler, Tanzina Chowdhury, Christian Vokuhl, Reem Al-Saadi, Kathy Pritchard-Jones, Norbert Graf, Gordan M. Vujanić
Stage I epithelial or stromal type Wilms tumors are low risk tumors: An analysis of patients treated on the SIOP‐WT‐2001 protocol in the UK‐CCLG and GPOH studies (2001–2020)
Cancer. 2023; 1- 9. doi:10.1002/cncr.34734; ->Abstract

Michael V. Ortiz, Christa Koenig, Amy E. Armstrong, Jesper Brok, Beatriz de Camargo, Annelies M.C. Mavinkurve-Groothuis, Thelma B. Velasquez Herrera, Rajkumar Venkatramani, Andrew D. Woods, Jeffrey S. Dome, Filippo Spreafico
Advances in the clinical management of high-risk Wilms tumors
Pediatr Blood Cancer 70:e30153, 2023; DOI:10.1002/pbc.30153; ->Abstract

Sabine Irtan, Aurore Coulomb-Lhermine, Camille Lanz, Marie-Dominique Tabone, Claudia Pasqualini, Benoit Dumont, Estelle Thebaud, Isabelle Guellec, Arnauld Verschuur
Number of lymph nodes sampled in SFCE/SIOP 2001 patients with Wilms tumour: Is the goal of more than six achievable?
Pediatr Blood Cancer 70:e30107, 2023; DOI:10.1002/pbc.30107; ->Abstract

Clemens-Magnus Meier, Rhoikos Furtwängler, Marvin Mergen, Nils Welter, Patrick Melchior, Jens-Peter Schenk, Christian Vokuhl, Leo Kager, Sabine Kroiss-Benninger, Stefan Wagenpfeil, Norbert Graf
Impact of Time to Surgery on Outcome in Wilms Tumor Treated with Preoperative Chemotherapy
Cancers 15:1494, 2023, 15, 1494.; ->Abstract

Walz AL, Maschietto M, Crompton B, Evageliou N, Dix D, Tytgat G, Gessler M, Gisselsson D, Daw NC, Wegert J
Tumor biology, biomarkers, and liquid biopsy in pediatric renal tumors.
Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2023 Jan 2:e30130. doi: 10.1002/pbc.30130. Epub ahead of print; ->Abstract

Fialkowski E, Sudour-Bonnange H, Vujanic GM, Shamberger RC, Chowdhury T, Aldrink JH, Davick J, Sandberg J, Furtwaengler R, Mullen E
The varied spectrum of nephroblastomatosis, nephrogenic rests, and Wilms tumors: Review of current definitions and challenges of the field.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 22:e30162, 2022; doi: 10.1002/pbc.30162; ->Abstract

Artunduaga M, Eklund M, van der Beek JN, Hammer M, Littooij AS, Sandberg JK, Schenk JP, Servaes S, Singh S, Smith EA, Srinavasan A, Khanna G
Imaging of pediatric renal tumors: A COG Diagnostic Imaging Committee/SPR Oncology Committee White Paper focused on Wilms tumor and nephrogenic rests.
Pediatr Blood Cancer 29:e30004, 2022. doi: 10.1002/pbc.30004; ->Abstract

McAleer MF, Melchior P, Parkes J, Pater L, Rübe C, Saunders D, Paulino AC, Janssens GO, Kalapurakal J
Harmonica consensus, controversies, and future directions in radiotherapy for pediatric Wilms tumors.
Pediatr Blood Cancer e30090, 2022; doi: 10.1002/pbc.30090; ->Abstract


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